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Notable Home Inspections

  • Elmer Anderson's (Former Minnesota Governor) Frank Lloyd Wright Cabin / House
  • Jessica Lange's (Renowned Hollywood Actress) 1892 Stillwater House
  • Dustin Hoffman (Renowned Hollywood Actor) Daughters' House
  • Molly Holly's (Former WWE Womens Champion) House
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I contacted Mike for a home/cabin inspection north of Mora, MN. Mike was able to perform the inspection that afternoon-I called in the morning. We met with Mike, and his inspection was complete. He sat us down and went thru his complete inspection on his laptop, stopping and answering all questions we had. He then took us thru the cabin, showing us everything, and again answering all questions. I will highly recommend Mike & Top Notch to all that are in need of an inspection.

Ed H. from Mora, MN

Mike, You inspected a property in Little Canada for us, and found an excessive level of carbon monoxide coming from the furnace. The seller had it checked out by Kath and they recommended a new furnace. The seller subsequently reduced the price of the home by the cost of a new furnace. You saved us $$! Thank you, sir!

David H. from Little Canada, MN

Thanks to the inspection report you prepared, my realtor notified the listing agent of issues with the roof even though it had been replaced only four months earlier. The seller contacted the roofer who then contacted the manufacturer. Sampling and testing revealed that the manufacturer had a production problem that resulted in a bad batch of shingles. As a result, the roof is being replaced under the manufacturer's warranty.

Mike D.

I have found Top Notch Inspections to be very knowledgeable and professional. They are very accommodating and eager to perform. I would highly recommend Top Notch Inspections.

Brigg Backer from Edina, MN

After using Top Notch Inspections several times I would recommend them to anyone. They are very thorough. I had a client in Waconia that needed an inspection to close and Top Notch was there the next day. I can see why they have the name TOP NOTCH.

Brian Passeri

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