Home Inspection Fees

Home inspection fees will vary depending upon the type, size and age of property; in addition to optional testing needed. For your convenience, our competitive rates can be found below. Please remember that not all home inspections are equal. Be sure to know what exactly is being inspected and what types of testing are included prior to making your decision. You don't want to fall victim to a minimal checklist! And always remember, the lowest price is often times indicative of the lowest quality and least experienced inspector. This is especially important in states without regulated inspections and licensed inspectors, such as Minnesota.

Be Careful of Low Cost Home Inspectors

The following quotes were taken from a Newspaper clipping:

The fees for professional home inspectors will vary from company to company and depending on the region. It is important to remember, however, that it is the inspector’s experience and ability to identify defects that will ultimately protect you from potential hidden liability. The services of a veteran inspector with many years experience will undoubtedly cost a little more than less experienced inspectors, but the value of their increased knowledge will greatly exceed the modest additional cost. In today’s market, the cost to repair or remedy a missed defect after contract FAR exceeds the tiny premium paid for the very best in inspection services.

Beware the super-discount inspectors! They frequently have minimal experience and are not properly insured. Many tend to leave the inspection industry as fast as they enter it. Veteran inspectors, on the other hand, with hundreds or thousands of inspections, typically have been in a house of similar construction or style as yours and can immediately identify the potential issues. They may also bring historical neighborhood data with them such as common plumbing, roof or siding issues that originate back to original construction. This invaluable data and knowledge is gained only through many years of experience and continuing education.

Current Fee Schedule

Type of Building Rate1
Single Family HomeStarting at $395
TownhouseStarting at $325
CondoStarting at $250
DuplexStarting at $495
Options Rate2
Electronic Radon Testing (with inspection)$145
Electronic Radon Testing (standalone)Beginning at $200
Water TestingCall Engel 952-955-1806
Thermal ImagingCall for pricing

Payment is due at the time of the inspection unless prior arrangements have been made.

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1. Fee depends on size and age of house. Please call or email for a tailored quote.

2. Top Notch Inspections is equipped to provide 2 day results for RADON. No waiting for Lab results! With a Tamper Proof, Electronic Radon Monitor. Standalone pricing is based on locations within 30 miles of Forest Lake, MN. The house must be closed up for 12 hours prior to the start of the test and must remain closed for the duration of the 48 hour test. Learn more about RADON in Minnesota homes.